Natural Ways To Counteract The Effects Of Diabetes

by Daniel Millions

Author: Daniel Millions

Diabetes is a condition where the body does not regulate the amounts of sugar correctly. If left untreated, it can ravage the body and cause drastic side effects possibly causing death. But there are ways to circumvent the effects of diabetes and take one's life back from the gallows.

Coffee More for Morning Pick-Me-Ups: Coffee has recently been shown to help defend against the effects of diabetes. The study has shown that that type 2 diabetes can be reduced by as much as 60%. Even if you have drank coffee in the past but quit, the effects of the previous drinking habits will still be long-lasting.

Interestingly, women who drank 10 cups of coffee a day got a 79% reduction in the effect of diabetes. It is hard to imagine sitting through 10 cups of coffee (although some would probably beg to differ), but the effects are too desirable to ignore.

Whole Grain Foods May Have a Part in Diabetes Reduction: Type 2 diabetes has also been suggested to be reduced by whole grain foods, researchers report. The studies are much weaker than that of the coffee study- so there is no guarantee on how much reduction will take place- if any at all.

While whole grain foods may not be the diabetes killer, they are still full of nourishment that serves other purposes. And in the war on diabetes, every little bit helps- regardless of what studies or researched have or have yet to prove.

Magnesium Makes a Show in the Diabetes Reduction Game: Meat, milk, nuts, and beans are all sources of magnesium- but what kind of effect does this magnesium have on the body? From what researchers have found, quite a bit; as much as a 30% reduction in diabetes has been observed from controlled tests.

It has even been proven that a diet that lacks magnesium may increase the onslaught of diabetes. The recommended daily intake of magnesium is slated around 300-400mg- depending on the body type and gender. This daily intake can be easily obtained via magnesium-rich foods- especially nuts and beans.

Fiber Provides Defense for Diabetes: The high fiber diet that your doctor has been preaching may not be so bad after all, says researchers. While the exact numbers were not released, it has been concluded that men who consumed high-fiber diets had increased resistance to diabetes.

Foods that are high in fiber include certain types of cereal, certain fruits such as pears, grain such as spaghetti, black beans, lentil beans, and vegetables such as peas. Making sure that a diet is rich in these foods will help protect against the risk of diabetes- although further research is being conducted to see just how much protection fiber provides.

Final Thoughts on Preventing and Maintaining Diabetes: The above dietary tips should be taken to heart. Try to incorporate fiber, coffee, whole grains, and magnesium rich foods into your diet. Try to put an emphasis on the proven items- such as coffee and magnesium.

Along with the nutritional tips, be sure to follow a healthy exercise routine to help minimize the risk of diabetes. Paired with a good nutrition, exercise will help keep diabetes at bay. In many cases controlling both of these aspects has allowed diabetes patients to live perfectly normal lives- although some cases are worse than others.

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