by Renee L'Heureux
(timmins ontario canada)

As a person with both diabetes and Necrobiosis I can tell you that this condition is not only found in diabetic patients and has had the name changed in general to Necrobiosis Lipoidica. I'm 23 years old and unfortunately have yet to begin having numbing in my feet which in this case would feel like a godsend! The amount of pain that seems to be associated with this condition (for me at least) is something that I could honestly never begin to explain! My doctor doesn't believe me when I tell him that it's painful. My skin specialist has now refused to help me due to smoking cigarettes and am on disability. I find it very hard to do almost anything and never seem to manage to hear or see of anyone with the same condition.
Am I alone on this or what? This for me is a condition that would be much easier to be dealt with if I weren't alone!

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