Omega 3 Oil For Sleep Apnea

by Ryan English

by ryanenglish

A person is suffering from sleep apnea if he is experiencing shallow breathing or breathing pauses during the night. He may not be aware about it at first since it only happens while he is asleep. The person beside him in bed will be the only one to know about his disorder since that person will be the one to witness how many times he stops breathing. The downside to this disorder is that the person afflicted will experience daytimes sleepiness and fatigue. There are also some other significant effects in his body, which is why this sleep disturbance should be treated as soon as possible.

It is very important for a person to have his sleep apnea treated upon learning of it. By restoring regular breathing, he can reduce his daytime sleepiness and loud snoring during the night. The good thing about treating sleep apnea is that these treatments can also help treat other diseases and reduce risks for several health problems such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

People who are deprived of a good night's sleep because of sleep apnea usually opt for natural cures such as regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Sleep apnea masks can also help treat this disorder.

There are also some studies that link Omega 3 oil and sleep apnea. Omega 3 oil and sleep apnea might have the connection. But we should first and foremost understand what omega 3 does to our body.

Omega 3 oil is not just used to aid heart disease patients, which is always shown in informercials and documentaries. There are also other several benefits when you add a fish oil supplement to your daily diet. It has been believed that omega 3 oil can prevent joint pain and can treat some arthritis such as rheumatoid. It can also help prevent mild depression as well as diabetes and can help treat skin conditions, brittle nails and hair and improve lower blood pressure.

Blood pressure is directly connected to the ability of blood to clot, which is improved by the intake of an omega 3 oil supplement. Omega 3 fatty acids are necessary as well to help develop a baby's brain and can also help treat inflammatory diseases, headaches and cramps.

Now, the link between omega 3 oil and sleep apnea is not well-researched. But there are groups who seriously try to find alternative treatments for sleep apnea and stumble upon this connection.

Fish oil products can be bought from any health supplement store, but you should be aware that not all have the same quality since some fish oil have contaminants and not all of them carry the same amount of omega 3 fatty acids. If you want to try omega 3 oil in treating sleep apnea, make sure that it has the sufficient omega 3 fatty acids to aid your sleeping habits.

Omega 3 oil contains omega 3 fatty acids that supply EPA and DHA. EPA is known to be important for brain function. EPA helps improve one's quality of sleep by promoting certain sleep-promoting chemicals. EPA helps increase the mood that regulates neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin (which is directly involved in sleep regulation and depression) by forty percent (40%).

EPA and serotonin levels are the reasons why omega 3 oil and sleep apnea are connected. The best thing about the intake of omega 3 oil supplements is that you get to make your heart healthy at the same time promoting good sleep and restfulness.

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