PCOS Causes Infertility AND Can Easily Bring On Diabetes

by Woman with PCOS

Most people do not think of infertility as a medical condition, but it in fact is recognized as a disease by the CDC. There are many diseases that result in you being infertile. One of those being PCOS, or Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. The thing is a lot of insurance companies will look at your treatment of PCOS and classify it as you are being treated for infertility. When in fact you are being treated for a medical condition that should be covered by insurance. I for one believe that all infertility should be covered by insurance. PCOS cause you to develop many cyst on your ovaries, this can cause you excessive bloating, pain when a cyst burst and weight gain in the mid section. Pcos at its strongest can result in you not getting a period, hair growth in odd places and infertility. Living with PCOS means living with infertility, there are medications you can take. However these medications can cause serious stomach issues and result in you not being able to eat certain foods. If left untreated PCOS can lead to diabetes as well as the need for a hysterectomy due to over growth of your ovaries. I take the medicine and suffer if I eat the wrong thing, I had to fight my insurance company to pay for my medicine, they said it was infertility treatment, funny they paid for me to have a partial hysterectomy the year before. You would think that they would know I can not get pregnant without a uterus.

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