Pilates For The Over Fifties

by Steven Giles

by: Steven Giles

Pilates seems to be the perfect exercise regimen for the people that are over the age of 50 due to its low impact exercises that will ensure that a person?s joints remain flexible and that general mobility is increased.

Pilates exercises along with a good nutritional plan will allow those over 50 to look and feel many years younger. You can combine the low impact exercises of Pilates along with weight bearing exercise and with resistance training. This is absolutely crucial for maintaining and building bone density to make sure that osteoporosis does not set in after menopause.

The benefits of Pilates for those people over the age of 50 include the following:

? A strong back and flexible joints to take years off you
? Toned and lengthened shoulders, abdominals, arms, legs and buttocks so that your clothes are able to hang beautifully no matter what size you are
? Improved grace and suppleness; improved bone density that will give you long term health benefits


Pilates, even taking it up after you are 50 years of age, can add healthy, active years to your life.

High Blood Pressure

If you do Pilates on a regular basis, it helps to keep the arteries elastic. This keeps the blood flowing and lowers blood pressure.


Pilates will help you maintain weight loss.

Effects on Joints and Bones

Pilates will help reduce stiffness and pain. I will also help build muscles endurance, strength, and well-being. You can feel confident that the Pilates stretching exercises will help increase flexibility without putting stress on the joints.

Back Problems

One of the most common complaints of today is lower back pain. Poor posture is a major contributor to this. If you work on strengthening the abdominal muscles, then this will help alleviate stress on your lower back.

Emotional and Psychological Benefits

Pilates will help improve your reaction time. Exercise is able to help with depression and will increase your feelings of well being.

Lack of Sleep

Pilates helps reduce the level of anxiety and stress that you have and helps with sleeplessness.

Rehabilitation after injury

Once you have had an acute injury, a Pilates program of maintenance will be able to bring your muscles back to an optimal working order.


All of the movements in Pilates are exact, and they involve precise breathing and actions.


The moves are controlled, slow, and continuous and require concentration and greater skill if you are going to do them properly.


Pilates is all about working on isolating muscles. By using the isolation method, we identify our muscles particularly the weaker and neglected ones. Pilates helps build awareness of any imbalance in flexibility or muscle strength.


Pilates does not replace any current exercise program you may be working on. Rather, it is supposed to complement and enhance your current program by improving the way in which your muscles work together. When practicing the Pilates principles you will improve flexibility and strength, skill and speed and will reduce fatty deposits. As your muscles become leaner, your body shape will begin to change.

If you are over 50, Pilates can help you if you have any one of the following:

? Back problems
? Have RSI
? Digestive problems
? Feel stressed or tired
? Want toned thighs/ buttocks
? Want good posture
? Suffer from neck and shoulder tension
? Have headaches
? Are overweight
? Are recovering from an injury
? Want a flatter stomach

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