Proteinuria is a sign of protein in the urine which signifys early kidney disease. One of the most frequent complications in both diabetic types is nephropathy. Nepropathy develops slowly over many years time. Eventually, the kidney function fails, and dialysis is needed. Your kidneys, as previously mentioned in other site articles here, filter wastes and toxins from the body.

Clinical albuminuria will often get into serious kidney disease after a number of years go by, anywhere from 5 or more. Good preventive practice is to monitor with laboratory urine tests for microalbuminuria and catch early filter problems. If this problem is seen at the early stages, there are things to be done to prevent worsening of the problems.

Tight control of blood sugar is very important. This cuts the risk of the kidneys having to take further abuse from high blood sugars.

Hypertension control , is also very important early on since hypertension injures nephrons the higher the blood pressure goes, and therefore causes proteinuria.

Blood pressure pills that have an angiotensin converting enzyme can stop kidney disease progression by slowing the leaking of protein in the urine.

Lower protein diets may or may not be helpful. There is research that suggests it has been helpful.

Treating urinary tract infections is a must. This problem is often a problem for many diabetic people. When a urinary tract infection is left untreated, it can definitely cause kidney scarring, and kill the nephron's functions further still. Over time with multiple bladder or urinary tract problems, this causes great kidney injury, and therefore the filtering ability becomes very damaged or not working at all. Taking cranberry pills cuts down on the urinary tract infection factor for many people. The acid factor in these pills you can get over the counter kills certain types of bladder infections.