Ragi Balls-Tastes Great!

by Mandy

Ragi ball Ingredients:

Ragi flour -

2 Cups Water -

4 Cups Salt -

To taste Method: Take a bowl , pour the water and boil it and add some salt to it. Mix the Ragi flour little by little and stir it well. Simmer. Remove the bowl from stove and stir the flour well so that no lumps remain. Now make the balls. While shaping out the balls, take the required quantity with a spoon and dip your hand in cold water before making balls as it may burn your hand and the flour dosent stick to your hand. Can be served with sambar or else mix in curd Calcium is more Ragi doesnt contain any fat or carbohydrates its good for health For diabetes patients it control the sugar level Suitable for all kind of person Its good for weight reduction

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