Reduce the Amount of Food You Eat

by Anne

The only method that helps me to lose weight is the simplest. First, I try to reduce the amount of food I eat, as each additional 1,000 calories you consume over your required number causes you to put a pound of fat on. Eating less is, in part, helped by changing your regular regime or breaking out of bad habits. If you tend to snack when you sit around watching TV, then try to do something else which keeps you busy and your mind active. Or, substitute crisps and sweets for fruit and nuts - doesn't sound great, but you may find that you like them. The second way to lose weight is to exercise more. The amount of exercise you do has to be done slowly if you are going keep at it and sustain your weight loss. There are loads of ways to burn calories, not all of them have to be boring or hard work. Search dieting sites on the internet to find out how many calories you could burn if you just do something a little bit more each day. Of course, combining the two - eating less and exercising more - makes you lose weight faster. I've lost around 8 pounds in a month (I don't have diabetes - I just want to look and feel better) taking each day one at a time and thinking about what I eat and do.

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