Scared Senseless After Diagnosis

by Evelyn

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, I really didn't know much about measuring my blood sugar and insulin levels. Every time I would be out in public with my family, and I needed to monitor my levels, like at a restaurant or something, they would make a big deal. I'm a teenager, and let me tell you, it's stressful watching your parents freak out about it. And it scares you a little bit more, and makes you apprehensive. The first time I had to, I was in an Olive Garden, and I was scared. I have a bad fear of needles, so I was already shaking, and my mother being anxious didn't make it any better- It was so stressful in the moments leading up to it, that I fainted. My friend was there with me, so I also felt embarrassed. Eventually I got it done, but I wanted to know how I was supposed to do it inconspicuously- I learned that the best way is under the table without making a fuss. I've been doing this for a month now, and I'm getting used to it. I find that it's not really a problem unless I make it out to be, and I feel a little bit better knowing that I'm not alone.

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