Simple Isometric Exercises That Can Be Done at Home and in Office

by Alan Tii

Simple Isometric Exercises That Can Be Done at Home and in Office

by Alan Tii

Here's a secret that your personal trainers have been keeping from you. You actually can stay in shape without eye-bulging effort. Isometric exercises are excellent for burning fats without breaking sweat and you can easily execute isometric exercise at home or even in office. With this daily plan you don't have to change out of your suit or alter your routine. Isometric exercises are also proven to improve your mood.

With that, I present you the list of isometric exercises that works on different parts of your body which can be done at home or in office and they are as follows:

3-Minute Six Pack exercise ( simple exercise that can be done at home )- When the alarm wakes you up from your beautiful sleep, don't be in a hurry to leave your cosy bed yet, stay put. At your position, reach out a causal , silence the alarm and remain on your back. Now suck your belly button towards your spine. Imagine that you are trying to squeeze the juice from a grapefruit under your abs, pulling in from the sides as well as the top. By doing this, you will hit core muscles to improve posture throughout the day, burning the calories and avoiding injuries. Hold for 10 seconds taking shallow breathers, rest 10 seconds and repeat 10 times.

Works on : Abs, core

The Tower Down Exercise (simple exercise that can be done at home ) - After your shower, grab the ends of your towel with your right hand behind your head and your left in the middle of your back. Pull down with your left until you feel a stretch in your right shoulder and triceps.Hold for 15 seconds, then do the same with your right. Once you have warned up after the first set, pull and resist as hard as possible. Do five reps in each direction.

Works on : Shoulders, triceps , biceps and lats.

You have to to roll with it exercise (simple exercise that can be done in office ) - For three minutes every half an hour, activate your core by gently rocking backward and forward while sitting at your chair, side to side and rotating in both directions.

Works on : Abs, Hips

Step up Exercise (simple exercise that can be done in office ) - You are returning from your lunch and you know taking the stairs instead of the lift is better for your body , but there's more to it than putting one foot in front of the other. To activate your glutes and thighs, you will need your upper leg parallel to the ground, so climbing one step at a time wont work. Attempt to climb at least two at a time. And slowly, stopping briefly after each movement so you don't isolate your muscles and just rely on momentum. Aim to take at least 30 flights of stairs daily.

Works on : Glutes, quads and calves

Pole position (simple exercise that can be done on public bus or train ) - Cunningly maximize dead time on public transport with some pole moves. Stand instead of sitting and grab a pole on the bus or train with both hands, raise onto your toes, hold for three seconds and repeat 20 times. Alternatively , you can hold the bar with one hand and your briefcase in the other to add extra load, and count 2 seconds on the up and down phases to work your entire calves. Do three sets, resting 20 seconds between each.

Works on : Calves

Incorporate these "No Pain, All Gain" easy isometric exercises today to help to give you in shape without you having the need to change out of your shirt and tie at all!

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