helped me lose weight

by Kim

The most effective weight loss plan I have ever used, was done through a free website, The site offers the tools you would find with paid sites, such as weightwatchers, but for free. Using their meal plans, and a good healthy dose of looking at myself in the mirror, I was able to shed 40 pounds in about 6 months. It look the support of my roommates at the time and a strong sense of willpower when I went grocery shopping. The recipes available on Sparkpeople made it very easy to follow my calorie guidelines and still eat food that was appetizing to me. They really focus on making a lifestyle change instead of just a diet plan. In addition to the food support, they have an exercise tracker, forums, health articles, and a very friendly staff. It has grown up to have a great community spirit. There are support groups and teams for just about every issue you could have: Emotional Eating, Full-time Moms, and Diabetics. While I am not diabetic myself, I do know that they offer a number of recipes that are tailored to a diabetic diet, and there is plenty of support for diabetics available in the forum.

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