STAT-LET(tm) Auto Safety Lancets - Makes Diabetes Testing Easy!

by Fern Kuhn

by Fern Kuhn

Stat Medical Hardware, Inc (SMD) was founded in 1988 and is a leader in developing and distributing innovative medical devices. Their emphasis is on lancets, lancing devices and clinical, capillary blood sampling devices.

The Stat-Let Auto Lancets are available in 5 different systems to accomodate your blood sampling necessity. They feature very simple one-step function, non-reuse safety feature. These lancet devices are indivually wrapped, and they are packaged in boxes of 100.

In our home care agency, we use these to test the blood sugar of many of our senior citizens who cannot do their own testing while they are on service with our agency. What's great about these lancets is that you do not have to place them in lancing pens. They are individually wrapped and ready to dispose of when you are finished with testing on your finger.

This type of lancet is innovative because sometimes when you are using a lancet pen device, it is difficult to manipulate. You have to be able to remove the top to the lancing device, place a lancet in the lancing pen, close the pen, make sure the pen is ready to use and then click on your finger to get a blood sample.

This may be difficult for seniors with arthritic problems or deformed fingers related to arthritis. Sometimes people do not want to be bothered with setting up the lancet pen--too much of a hassle.

The Stat-Let Auto Lancets make it easy to attain a blood sample from the finger.

There are 5 different models for different depths depending on whether you are testing on an adult, child or infant.

Auto Pediatric lancet
1.8mm Depth-26 gauge

Auto Comfort Lancet
1.8mm Depth-21 gauge

Auto Normal Lancet
2.4mm Depth-21 gauge

Auto Extra Lancet
3.0mm Depth-21 gauge

Auto Neonatal/Heelstick
1.2mm Depth-18 gauge

As you can see that the higher the mm, the deeper the lancing devices penetrates into the finger. If you have calloused fingers or you have difficulty in getting a good blood supply, you would want to go with the Auto Extra Lancet with the 3.0mm Depth-21 gauge.

There are different colors for each of the different lancets.

All you have to do is:

**Remove the protective cap

**Place the Stat-Let Auto lancet onto your test site.

**Push firmly against your test site and the needle is automatically released.

**After use dispose in suitable "sharps" container.

That's it. If a loved one doesn't want to do their blood sugar because the lancet pen is a hassle or too difficult to manipulate, this may be the answer you have been searching for.

Copyright 2005
Fern Kuhn, RN
Specializing in Diabetes

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