Stick With Healthy Foods

by Helen

The weight loss plan that I have found to actually work long term, and to be the most healthy, is actually the most simple as well. I myself do not have diabetes, but it is common in my family and I've always tried my best to maintain a diet that helps in negating adult-onset diabetes. Firstly, I eat no red meat, no pork, no beef. I also don't eat fish, but mostly for personal preference as opposed to dietary needs; it wouldn't be so unhealthy to have some fish a couple times for dinner, if it's prepared correctly. In the morning I have perhaps a mug of hot green tea if I'm feeling the need for caffeine, complimented with a teaspoon of local honey if so desired. Otherwise, I take a vitamin regiment that I have worked out with my doctor for my person needs, with a full glass of water. A slice of toast, dry or with homemade jam, a cup of yogurt, and a full serving of yogurt. Compliment it with a glass of any juice, instead of diluting with water, use 1/2 glass of Aloe Vera juice. Throughout the day, I will snack on fruits and vegetables and salads. For lunch always go with something light, a vegetable sandwich on whole wheat bread, with another glass of the Aloe Vera and Juice mix. A side of veggies, like uncooked, peeled, and cut carrots is always good. For dinner, generally go with something like chicken, any veggie(green beans, broccoli, corn, squash, etc...), and a light starch. Even a small serving of mashed potatoes with no added butter or salt, or a risotto, or a light pasta.

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