Stopped Taking Care of Myself

by Jennifer Hernandez
(Lakewood ,Co)

Hello am jenny wiith type1. I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 8 and am 17 years old in the year 2008. There was a point where I had stopped taking my insulin. I had lots of problems, and there was a point were I felt that my life was over one night. I was feeling so sick that I was throwning up. My body felt really tired.I was breathing really fast, and the point came where I had fainted.My dad had called the paramedic and the only thing I could remember was when they stuck two needles in my neck..My brain was swollen, so for me to live and get to the hospital, they had to stick the needles in my neck..When I got to the hospital, the doctors had no hope for me to live.After five days in the hospital, I had woken up. I didn't remember anything. I didn't remember my parents.Everything came back to me after 10 days in the hospital. I realize that my parents suffered a lot, and hopefully this never happens again. Thank God I had another chance to live.Now my life has changed.I am currently using an insulin pump and it's working great.

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