Super Easy Ways to Exercise Indoors Without Special Equipment

by Gail M. Davis

Super Easy Ways to Exercise Indoors Without Special Equipment!

Super Easy Ways to Exercise Indoors Without Special Equipment! by Gail M. Davis

There are many reasons why someone wouldn't want to go outside to workout. At this time of the year, the reasons usually involve ice and snow, but heat and humidity can be just as daunting! Then, of course, there are all those people whose schedules don't provide them with daylight hours in which to exercise.

If you fall into one of these categories, don't give up your workout. Just look for ways to workout inside. You might have to be a little creative, but you can definitely boost your heart rate and burn impressive calories!

First of all, don't forget the fitness DVD craze! Hundreds exist and are readily available for purchase online, in sports stores, or at bookstores. Better yet, many public libraries check them out at no cost to you. In addition, video stores, such as Blockbusters and Netflix often rent them for a small fee. The beauty of checking them out or renting them is the endless variety that will be available to you.

Along those same lines, if you're a cable subscriber, you may get the Fit TV channel, which has a huge selection of fitness shows from which to choose. You can enjoy everything from beginning yoga to rigorous boot camp options.

A good cardio workout is one that leaves you sweating and huffing and puffing. You can achieve these results by jumping rope, running stairs, or doing jumping jacks! Put on your favorite tunes and walk or jog in place, or dance the night away!

When you've finished the cardio portion of your workout, add some target exercises to help tone things up. You can do floor exercises or use a balance ball, which can be inexpensively purchased. In addition to the obvious crunches and push ups, add toning exercises for your arms, back, waist, hips, and legs. A simple search online can provide you with a plethora of choices along with instructions for proper form.

Don't forget flexibility and strength training, two vital categories in an effective workout. Your overall flexibility can be improved through stretching and activities involved in yoga or Pilates. Strength training can be easily completed at home using inexpensive light hand weights or common household items. Canned goods, laundry detergent bottles, and sacks of sugar and flour can all be used as hand weights. Gallon-sized jugs of water are ideal when heavier weights are needed.

So, the point is that when there's a will, there's a way! As Nike says, "Just do it!" Don't make excuses; just find inventive ways to accomplish your goals! You certainly won't be sorry!

Gail M. Davis offers more exercise plans for weight loss on her website. Find printable food and exercise logs, motivational inspiration, diet plans, healthy recipes, and much more on her site, Easy Weight Loss Tips.

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