Terrible Experiences With Diabetes

by Karen

I was diagnosed with diabetes in April of 2008. I am 55 years old and had gestation diabetes during my second pregnancy about 34 years ago. Then my last child weighed 10 lbs 11 oz. Again I was advised that the baby's weight was due to the possibility of me having diabetes in the future. That was in 1979. Well here I am today with diabetes. The doctor starting checking my blood sugar levels during my usual follow ups and sure enough after about a year of trying to control with diet and pills I now take insulin twice a day plus r insulin on a sliding scale depending on how much my blood sugar level is when I test. I do this twice a day but should do it more probably. The expense of the strips is to much for me to afford anymore testing as I have no insurance and have been unable to find any companies that make these strips that will give free or discount test strips or insulin. I also take Janumet and Actos pills twice a day. Right now I am able to get these through Medbank of Md with the help of my doctor. I have had continuous urinary tract infections in the past year, brought on by my diabetes, neurological pain, blurred vision and other small things. I wanted to write this because I lost my Soul Mate a few months ago from complications of diabetes at the age of 43. He developed ketoacidosis and was unable to control his blood sugars. He would not seek medical help and by the time he allowed me to call an ambulance it was to late. He passed away a few hours later. He had type 1 diabetes which he was diagnosed with when he was 28 after a pancratitis attack. I have lost my best friend and the love of my life to diabetes. Please, Please, anyone who has diabetes, do not ignore it or try to keep it controlled for your sake and for the sake of those who love you. Everyone should know the signs and symptoms of diabetes. We need to educated on this. After 16 years with him, (he was diagnosed 15 years before his death) I have a broken heart, so please listen to your doctors and learn all there is to learn about diabetes and take control of your life and your health.

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