The Best Plan is Weight Watchers

by Michelle

The best weight loss plan for me has been Weight Watchers. I'm not very good with the points system. I feel it's just too much freedom for me. I would eat a candy bar and use up most of my points and not eat again for the rest of the day. I don't seem to make healthy decisions and would think nothing of reaching for a bag of chips instead of eating healthy. I really like the portion control. For me, it a diet works better when I'm told how much of each category to eat in a day. I make the right choices and eat healthier when told to do so. I lose the weight and keep it off. Once I reached my goal weight then switching over to the point system seemed to work for me. Every time I feel like I'm putting back on the pounds I switch back over to the older weight watcher version until I seem to lose the weight. I flip flop between the two programs weight watchers has to offer and I'm very happy with them.

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