The Love, The Fright, The Horror

by Amber Hunt
(Kissimmee, Florida, USA)

I Look up to these People!

I Look up to these People!

It was a normal week. I had just turned 12 On June 20 and I had just gotten a New black lab puppy named Bailey. When I got home, I started getting packed for that weekend to go camping with my uncle, aunt, my Cousins and their friends. When I got there to the camp site, I automatically went to the bathroom, 'cause I held it in all the way from Kissimmee Florida to St. Augustine. After about 5 minutes, I had to go AGAIN! Then after that, I grabbed a soda, and drank about 3 down in about 5 minutes and then started grabbing Gator-Ades and drank them down in about 7 minutes. One of My Uncle's Friends was a Firefighter, (Head Chief), and he knew something was wrong. I came back that Monday. My Mom was worried too so she took me to the Doctor. I had to take a urine test and I did that. They found traces of sugar in it so they took my blood sugar. It wouln't register on the blood meter it was so high, so they sent me to the hospital for STAT blood work. I went to the Hospital and they did blood work. For some reason they sent us back home, and I hate hospitals so I locked myself in my room; and my mom had to come and unlock the door and get me and literally drag me out of the room. They told me My Blood Sugar was 717 and they where amazed I was still standing and alert. They had to stick an Adult I.V in me because I needed so much insulin. And it hurt, because first they tried it in the middle of my right arm and they busted the vain then they put it on top of my right hand. I was screaming. I hated needles!!! I had never gotten an I.V before, nor stayed at a Hospital over night. They had to transfer me to Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando because my local hospital didn't have a pediatric Endocrinologist. All I know, I WAS STARVING and I kept asking when I can I eat. They loaded me up in the Ambulance and took me to Orlando. I got there and I had no room mate. I was by myself in I.C.U but my family was there at least. On July 14th, 2008, I, Amber Hunt, got diagnosed with type one diabetes at the age of 12. Some time past, (about 1 hour or 2) AND I FINALLY GOT TO HAVE A CHEESEBURGER WITH TATERTOTTS!!! I was like YES! Anyways, a day passed and I had nothing to do, so my grandma went down to the gift shop, and bought me some crosswords and a Plush replica of my new Puppy Bailey. I was missing her so much. When I finally got off the I.V., I was able to walk around (And no, I didn't have to wear a gown). And I walked down by the baby area where it Connects to Winnie Palmer with all the babies and RIGHT THERE TO MY LEFT WAS A STARBUCKS and I got mad cuz I love Starbucks. So my grandma made me get out of there. Finally, about 5 days after I got admitted, I got to go home. The first thing I did was go and hug my dog. I was so happy to see her!!! Now, in 2009, I am a 13 year old going into the 8th grade. I am fine now. I have to take 2 shots a day and check my blood sugar like 8 times a day. Sometimes I get emotional and just think about the wonderful guys I look up to, The Jonas Brothers, and just think of what they would say to cheer me up. The diabetes has had no big effect on my school work. I am going into all 8th grade honor classes which is higher than advanced and I am in Math Club. Well thanks for Reading my story of when I got diagnosed with diabetes! Bye!

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