The Glycemic Impact Diet and Your Diabetes

The Glycemic Impact Diet is a diet and nutrition plan that is based around two core concepts, the glycemic index and glycemic load. The glycemic index is a scale from 1-100 that rates the effect a particular food has on your blood sugar level. A score of 100 is equal to straight glucose, meaning it has an extremely rapid and high effect on blood sugar. Therefore, the lower the number the slower and steadier a food's energy is utilized by your body.

Glycemic load takes the concept a bit further. Glycemic load considers the GI value, but also considers the amount and type of carbohydrates in a particular food. Some fruits and vegetables for example might have high GI values, but have a low glycemic load which means that they are very healthy to eat.

Basing around these two main principles, the Glycemic Impact diet works on reducing swings and rapid rises in your blood sugar level. It accomplishes this through a daily meal plan that is constituted of three different food groups. The first, taking up 40% of your daily calories, will be whole grains and unprocessed complex carbohydrates. All simple carbs such as refined foods, white breads and so forth have to be avoided.

Next, 30% of your calories will come from lean protein sources. The final 30% will come from healthy fat choices, those that include omega-3 fatty acids, such as avocados, nuts, olive oil and certain fish.

The foods you will be eating have low GI values and low glycemic loads. This means not only will you control your blood sugar and feel more energetic, but you'll also feel full much longer and much easier. This will allow you to naturally eat much fewer calories all throughout the day, enabling you to lose weight easily.

Since it's based on reducing the effects of your diet on your blood sugar level, the Glycemic Impact diet is often implemented for people with diabetes. It's a great natural step that can be taken to help overcome this problem. It's also a great diet for anybody that's looking to lose weight in safe and healthy manner. You'll be cutting down on calories, and specifically those calories which are the worst for you.

As an added bonus, following the Glycemic Impact diet will leave you feeling more energetic all throughout the day. This is because foods high in GI value are rapidly burned through and then leave you on empty, in other words, it's the classic sugar rush and then crash effect that we are all familiar with. Eliminating as many foods as possible that do this while replacing them with low GI foods that keep you full and provide a slow, steady stream of energy will have you feeling like an entirely new person.

If you're looking for a way to control your blood sugar level naturally through dieting than the Glycemic Impact diet is a great option. Additionally, if you are trying to lose weight in a safe way or are looking to be reinvigorated all day long, than this type of meal plan will allow you to accomplish your goals.