Thyroid problems not addressed

by Joe
(San Diego, CA)

Well, I been through Levothyroxine (25 and 12.5), Cymotel, Amour Thyrord and even testosterone. Where to start. TSH started at 7 before treatment started with the levothyroxine 25. within one week on meds, I was freezing cold, could barely move, and TSH now was 27. Removal of Levothyroxine and three weeks later TSH was 9, and never got down below that. with addition of more hormones, (see above) my TSH is lowest at 13. OF course, after treatment of the Thyroid, I now had type 2 diabetes, and control is difficult. It is agrevated even futher with any thyroid intervention. Of course Colesterol would not be a big factor if not for the blood glucose. LDL 108, TCOL 189, HDL 43, but Trig at 156 (Due to Blood Glucose (Bg)). When my Endo Dr tried the Levothyroxine at 12.5 level due to prior problems, my TSH was 29.7 Hyperthyroid symptoms (intolerance to heat, High BP, Bg running in upper 200's, with some nervousness), While on the 12.5 Levothyroxine, I got very aggressive, Bg rose to over 400, grumpy enough for my wife to ask me to stop, and nearly had two accidents due to not being able to consentrate. I could barely move, think, and felt dangerous to myself. It took approximately a week after stopping to return to a condition, I feel comfortable with. I am more relaxed, thinking more clearly, and Bg has started to drop. Blood pressure also is in better control. I feel way too much is being addressed in TSH (oh, FT4 is .67), and that the safety of the patient and not the blood tests should dictate treatment. In my case, no treatment is the best treatment. I have a mother and sister who do fine under treatment. So this is unique to me and doctors need to realize, not everyone is TEXTBOOK.

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