Type 1 diabetic daughter now has Addison's Disease

by Colleen
(Kenosha, WI)

My daughter was diagnosed at age 6 with insulin-dependent diabetes (type 1). Twenty-one years later, she started feeling weak, had unexplained weight loss and vomiting. Her doctor treated her for GERD. She continued to decline in health and symptoms continued until one day she was so ill, she could barely get up off the floor. She called me, her mom,and I took her to the ER. She was in an addisonian crisis and very well could have died. She is on steroids for life and is doing fine now. She did get an insulin pump and it seems to have helped her TRY to control her blood sugar levels. Her doc totally missed the lab results that should have showed clearly she had Addisons NOT GERD!She now has TWO life-threatening diseases, but through the grace of God, at age 30, is a lovely, active young woman.

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