Type 2 Diabetes Brought Me Trouble!

by Sammy

I have been a diabetic for 15 years. I started out with just taking oral meds and this worked until about four years ago, I started noticing that both of my big toes had become numb on the outsides. I ignored this until a few months later I started getting a burning sensation mostly at night in both feet. I self treated for what I thought was a foot fungus when this did not help and the pain turned from just a burning to more of a pins and needle numbness. I did eventually tell my doctor who then sent me to a specialist I had several tests done and confirmed I had beginning stages of diabetic neuropathy. I was started on medication for the pain. I however I was not keeping a very tight blood sugar level and the neuropathy has now become a constant, and at times, unbearable pains that I now live with. In some odd twist of fate my feet are both extremely sensitive to touch though both are also numb. The pain can best be described as walking through burning coals, with glass embedded in coals. I am also undergoing testing for another type of neuropathy that affects the internal organs. I also have glaucoma, this causes the field of vision to slowly narrow until, if not treated, blindness occurs. Though there is no pain associated with glaucoma, I personally feel this is one of the scarier complications of being a diabetic.

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