Unaware I Had Diabetes

by Anonymous

I was not surprised last year when they told me that my blood sugar was elevated and that I had high blood pressure to go along with the issue. I was very sick and was exhausted all the time. I was gaining weight rapidly and I felt like my life was out of control. I had gestational diabetes with all 3 of my children and my mother died 3 years ago from kidney failure due to long term diabetes that she ignored for way too long. I knew the symptoms but when the doctor confirmed that my issues were many and that I needed to do something NOW, I listened. I had my mother's old meter and ordered 200 strips on Ebay and started taking my blood sugar 4 times a day. I kept a log of my sugars and a log of what I ate and began to see which foods effected me the most and when they seemed to effect me. Eating a bananna at 10 am caused my sugar to spike worse than if I had eaten it at 6 pm. Sugars didnt bother me as much as breads and pasta was and is an absolute no no if I want to keep my sugar in check. I also discovered what I had been hearing about for months before:Cinnamon. I take two cinnamon pills at night and two in the morning and I have seen a significant drop in my blood sugar numbers especially my morning readings. What most people dont realize is that your morning fasting reading is a great indicator of how your body is breaking down sugar overnight. My readings have gone from the 140s in the morning to 110-120. Taking the cinnamon and eating a high fiber snack before bed really helps and I cannot stress this enough.Also I exercise every night at home. I do walk but I also do aerobics and this has not only helped me to lose weight but also if I time it right it prevents my sugar from spiking after a meal. I have not had complications yet from my pre-diabetes and my HG1c (3 month average is in normal range) but I can feel when my sugar is high and cant imagine where I would be right now had I not heeded the warnings. Exercise eat well and be aware of what you put in your mouth and when is the best advice I can give.

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