Uncontrolled Thyroid/Autoimmune & Pre-diabetes

by Vicki R.
(Northern California)

I am a 62 year old white female.I have autoimmune hepatitis as well as several other autoimmune disorders- diagnosed in 2002. Hypo-thyroid diagnosed in 1979. Meds include Prednisone, Imuran, Actigal, et al.
My Synthroid dosage of 125mcg. was consistent for many years. A couple of years after being diagnosed with auto. hep., my thyroid tests have had wide fluctuations but overall are increasingly low. I just started 250mcg. 4 months ago, now with a TSH of 5.74, I am at 275mcg. as of today.
After years of being hypoglycemic, I am considered at risk for diabetes with a A1c of 6% and a fasting blood sugar of 90. I have gained almost 50 lbs. within the last 5 years, which may account for the higher blood sugars, but I can't help but believe it is something else, especially with my thyroid never really being under control.
My symptoms include: fatigue, dry skin, thinning hair, increased joint/muscle pain, memory loss/ confusion, depression/apathy, hunger, et al.
I am well nourished, exercise 3X week X2 hours, sleep 6-8 hours/night, and am employed.
Could my out-of-whack thyroid be influencing the blood sugar levels and/or my borderline cholesterol levels? Does my controlled auto. hep. play a role in these mysteries?

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