UTI and Yeast Infection-Do They Relate To Each Other?

by Mark Adwood

UTI and Yeast Infection - Do They Relate To Each Other?

by Mark Adwood

There are also chances that when you have UTI, you will be treated with antibiotics. This can cause yeast infection as the antibiotics kill the bacteria in your body.

There are some bacteria that are necessary in your body so you have to find other possible means of curing your yeast infection.

Yeast is commonly found in a person's mouth or vagina. Having this in your vagina is normal and you can still be considered as healthy when you have it. This situation is different from having a yeast infection.

First, you have to know what vaginitis is. It can be any form of inflammation of the woman's vagina. There are different forms and causes but the most common form is candidiasis or yeast infection.

For an individual to fully learn about yeast infection, you have to understand the causes of the infection. There are bacteria present in the vagina and this is normal.

However, when there is a new form of yeast that is present or when there is an increase in the number of yeast, then vaginal yeast infection would most probably occur.

One of the events that may cause this infection in the vagina is when a person undergoes medication and the protective bacteria are eradicated. This would lead to imbalance in the number of protective bacteria and yeast, and this would let the yeast to multiply and be the cause of the irritation.

Added to this, pregnancy, diabetes, chemotherapy and the use of oral contraceptives can also be causes of the infection. You should also be more careful in the things that you put in your vagina such as hygiene sprays since they may also cause additional risk.

It would be safe to say that candidiasis is not a form of sexually transmitted disease; however, you should still be wary that a penis can still show signs of skin inflammation when in contact with an infected vagina.

For you to be prepared in cases such as this, you should broaden your knowledge and study more about the symptoms of vaginal yeast infection. One of the most common symptoms that you should know is itchiness in the vaginal area.

Also, you will feel pain and soreness in the area specifically during intercourse and when you are urinating. When you feel these symptoms for more than four times a year, without medication as an underlying cause, then you should considera doctor right away.

You should get yourself checked so that you will find the right cure for your situation. There are times that it is linked with urinary tract infection (UTI) but you should remember that there are different cures for the two diseases. Incorrect diagnosis will not cure your problem so you have to ensure that you get the right diagnosis and treatment with it.

When tests are done and cottage-cheese-like formations are present as your discharge, you will most likely be diagnosed with the vaginal yeast infection.

However, this may not be directly done as a sample of the discharge should still be identified and analyzed to ensure that it really is yeast and not other substances.

When the tests prove that it really is yeast, then you will have to get treated with proper medications. There are topical and oral medications that can be prescribed by your doctors.

You can also resolve to over the counter medications but you should remember that there are other diseases that may have similar symptoms with yeast infection. To make sure that you are taking the right medications, you should consult a doctor and get yourself checked.

This will also protect you from taking the medicines that will not cause harmful sides effects.

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