Vaginal Yeast Infections and Diabetes

Vaginal yeast infections and diabetes can be a frequent problem for diabetic females. Candidus is the most common infection type, and it is hard to get rid of. When a female has repetitive yeast infections, and is not aware of diabetes as a possible cause, it is best to have a fasting blood sugar test and find out. All of us have a certain balance of both good and bad bacteria within our bodies, which we need to have. Bad bacteria, believe it or not, is a necessity, but only within limits. When the bad bacteria goes beyond certain levels. we become ill, such as with vaginal candida related yeast infections.

A diabetic has to work harder to have a stronger immune system than non-diabetics. We as diabetics have to stay within certain healthy levels so that we don't create an imbalance by watching our diet, taking insulin shots and medications as prescribed, and also exercising. Being aware of the symptoms of candida infection is important, as it does take longer to get rid of as a diabetic person.

The one main symptom vaginal yeast infections, (any yeast infection), is an intense miserable vaginal itching. There will probably also be a vaginal discharge. You may also feel very unwell.

The reason diabetic women have this problem so much more frequently, is the blood sugar levels being unstable, which throws off the body chemistry and causes these irritating infections.

There are many treatment options available for diabetics and non-diabetics for yeast infections. Monistat works really well and Vagisil alliviates a lot of the troublesome itching. But you may also need a doctor to prescribe medications to rid your body of the problem. Sexual activity does not help vaginal yeast infections. Use protection during sex to not aggravate the problem.