Vinegar Berry Coleslaw

by Alison

Vinegar Berry Coleslaw Ingredients:

2 tbs. Vinegar,

1/2 pt. raspberries,

1/2 pt. blue berries,

4 carrots shredded,

1 head cabage shredded,
pinch of salt(optional),

dash of pepper,

1 tbs. celery seeds.

Directions: Wash all produce and let dry.
In large bowl add cabbage, carrots,raspberries and
blueberries. Toss together to mix ingredients
evenly.Add vineager and toss again to coat mixture
well. Add salt,pepper and celery seeds.Mix gently and
refrigerate for 1/2 hour to let ingredients soak in
flavors. Serve cold as tasty treat or side dish. You
can add pre-cooked/cubed chicken or turkey breast to
turn this side dish into main meal. ENJOY.

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