Vitamins Are The Spice Of Life

by Linda Polansky

by Linda Polansky

Many people have busy schedules and do not have the time to eat properly. Their diet does not contain the right ingredients to provide vitamins and nutrients that the body needs to function. To fill this need, there are vitamins available for people to take to supplement the lack of vitamins in their diet.

These vitamins are supplied in pill form, liquid elixirs, liquid vitamin supplements, and powder form. Some of these vitamins are sold in a multi-vitamin tablet form and contain all of the necessary supplements that a body will need to function properly. These multi-vitamins are sold by many manufacturers and in many doses, but the most popular dosage is 500 mg tablets.

There are commercial advertisements that ponder whether you have enough milk in your diet. Vitamin D is found in milk products and is said to help prevent people from getting diseases like multiple sclerosis. Calcium vitamins are sold in two varieties, calcium citrate and calcium carbonate. For calcium carbonate to be effective it must be taken with meals. These vitamins can be taken at any time of the day.

Many people wonder what the benefits are in taking vitamins and herbal supplements. They think their diet is sufficient in vitamins and nutrients and can not justify spending more money on something that they have plenty of in their bodies. The fact is that our bodies do not get enough vitamins, even if we eat a well-balanced diet.

People take vitamins because they help prevent many diseases and help slow the effects of aging too. Some vitamins are not manufactured properly and may lose their potency if they are exposed to heat and light. Vitamins that are found in meat, vegetables and other food groups loose their effectiveness when exposed to heat when they are cooked on a stove.

Vitamins are virtually useless to drug abusers because vitamins can not be absorbed into the body properly. Cigarette smoking affects the way a body absorbs vitamins into the body. Many junk foods contain no nutritional value at all. Fast food restaurants serve food that is high in fat content and low in vitamins. Without the proper amount of vitamins in their diet, children do not grow to their full potential.

Some vitamins will affect how the body absorbs iron into the body. Milk is one of the food sources that hinder iron absorption. If people plan to take iron pills, then they will have to take them when milk is not being ingested. A two to three hour wait is sufficient between dosages.

People rely heavily on the US RDA requirements that are placed on many food packages to determine whether their dietary intake is sufficient to have a healthy life. People do not understand that US RDA requirements might be well below what your body actually needs to live and function properly. The scale that is listed on the food product packets and boxes might be for just one day of nourishment, not a yearly consumption level, or might not consider the total nourishment level different age groups might need to live a healthy life.

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