Weight Loss With PCOS

by Marc Lindsay

by marclindsay

They say that those people who have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) are often considered obese and find it really hard to lose any kind of weight without considerable effort.

Of course it is hard, but it's hard for everyone and using PCOS, as an excuse for not being able to lose weight is not a great start! You have to believe in yourself and believe that you can lose the weight you want to, you just have to keep yourself motivated and remember that just because you aren't losing as much as your friends are or as much as you think is normal, you will lose weight.

I know this because I have PCOS and I have succeeded in losing weight!

There are many diets that are recommended for those with PCOS and they differ from the average diet for people with normal metabolism and insulin resistance. PCOS sufferers need a specialized diet and if you cannot seem to find something that works for you, think along the lines of what a diabetic would do to lose weight, our bodies and theirs are very similar, with PCOS you also may have diabetes.

Low carbohydrate diets such as Atkins are a great place to start and will kick start your weight loss with a bang, normal weight loss on these diets is up to 10kgs in the first 4 weeks, of course this totally depends on your body and how it reacts to carbohydrates being reduced.

Atkins however is not recommended for the long term, I followed Atkins strictly for 4 weeks and lost 6 kgs, after this 4 week period I started bringing back some carbohydrates and followed what is known as a Low GI diet.

A low GI diet are foods that are considered to have a low glycemic index, this means that they are low in sugar and or carbohydrates and are foods which are processed by your body slower than those which are high in sugar.

Foods with a high GI are those that pick you up and leave you with a general high feeling but then moments later drop you back down again making you feel hungrier than before and then you eat, you gain weight and you end up where you are today.

Following a diet however is not enough, there is also the dreaded exercise, all this means is a simple walk for around 30 minutes up to three times a week, when this becomes to easy, increase your pace or increase the length of time you walk for.

There are also many low impact exercises like Yoga which when first starting to lose weight are great as you don't have to exert to much pressure onto your body but you are also keeping yourself active, I found that yoga three times a week for 40 minutes made me feel alive and also I am sure assisted the weight loss process.

Just remember that its not easy and that it wont all happen at once, it takes time and commitment to an eating plan, a diet that you eat the required foods for a month and then go back to the old way of eating wont work, you need to understand that for people with PCOS it's a lifestyle change.

ur bodies cant process carbohydrates and sugar like other people, you need to limit them for the rest of your life. Be real about your weight loss, don't expect too much and keep on going till you are happy with you. GOOD LUCK!

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