Why Diabetes Can Cause Hair Loss

by Jennifer Kirkman

Why Diabetes Can Cause Hair Loss

Why Diabetes Can Cause Hair Loss
By Jennifer Kirkman

Diabetes can cause many multiple problems throughout the body. And it is not surprising to hear of how it causes hair loss as well. In fact, this could be one of the symptoms you first experience not knowing you have diabetes.People normally lose a certain amount of hair daily, but only in small amounts. But those people with a hormonal imbalance have a greater chance of losing a lot of hair daily. If you are having a lot of hair loss recently along with symptoms such as:

1. Always very thirsty and having a dry mouth
2. Tiredness
3. Frequent Urination
4. Weight loss in Type 1 Diabetes
5. Visual problems all of a sudden

then, you need to see your doctor and get your blood sugar tested which is very easy to do. If you are found to have diabetes, then your doctor will treat you promptly, and get you on the right care regime.

So how does the hair loss connect with diabetes? Well, first of all, diabetes is all related to hormone factors since it is a hormonal type of disease. Since diabetes of both types 1 and 2 cause various types of skin problems, this is where the hair loss problem comes in. It takes good blood circulation to have normal growth of hair and even healthy hair. Since many diabetic people have blood circulation problems such as neuropathy for instance, this can cause problems with hair growth in the first place.

Diseases like diabetes cause a person a lot of stress.Dealing with medications and insulin injections, watching your diet, monitoring your blood sugars often, and getting proper amount of exercise is hard for anyone on a day to day basis. When under stress, hormones can also become unbalanced, thus causing even more loss of hair.

Other reasons that diabetes commonly causes a great hair loss is due to the build-up of blood sugar in the body when it is not controlled. With glucose at too high of levels, you have nutrients, and oxygen that cannot reach the follicles of your hair. As this happens with high glucose levels, hair falls out until glucose is brought under control.

What other things can you do in order to help your hair re-growth? The most important thing you can do is control your blood sugar levels so that they are in control. Doctors should always aggressively treat diabetes since it is such a damaging disease to the body in so many ways.

Stay away from all stresses possible. Have your diabetes care regime all mapped out so that it is easy to follow. You need to also make certain that you understand your medications, insulins, and diet so you know what to follow. This will help you to put everything into perspective, eliminating stress right there. Meditation, reading a book, walking, and taking a bubble bath are also great stress relievers.

Use shampoos that help hair growth. There are some good ones out there to try such as Rogaine. Ask your hair stylist which is best to use.

Your diet is very important and can help your hair health. Fruits and vegetables as I've discussed many times before, have many vitamins that can help your hair follicles rejuvenate. One such vitamin is Vitamin E. Broccoli, asparagus, bananas, and many other vegetables have Vitamin E in a one cup serving.

By getting a handle on your diabetes and implementing some of these steps I have suggested, it should help you to overcome your hair loss and keep your diabetes in control at the same time. And in the end, will pay off.

Jennifer Kirkman is the owner of many websites, two of the main ones are https://www.diabetesandrelatedhealthissues.com and also http://www.dietplansandweightloss.com Visit these sites for much more information on diabetes and diabetes problems, and proper nutrition.

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Apr 19, 2011
Not a sugar level issue for hair loss
by: Anonymous

I guess you can call me a guine pig on this, I found out I had diabetes and I decided to walk 30 minutes every day (except Friday and Saturdays)and I ate diet microwavable meals 3 times a day with an 8 oz. glass of milk, in between meals I would have 2 crackers with peanut butter on them, I did that for almost a year, I lost 80 pounds..My glucose leaves were low and I never went over 140...I had always had thick hair, Well, sometime during that year I was loosing hair, I didn't notice it right away cause I would put my hair up, So I have to say it's not the "sugar levels" that makes you loose your hair..At the same time I started taking metformin I also took simvanstatin a cholestrol lowering Medication, I called the FDA and he said that all statins can make you loose your hair due to it's effect of taking away the cholestol a vital part of what hair needs to grow.

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