Why Do People Fall Off Of Diets?

by Christopher Fox

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Life s Mysteries: Why Do People Fall Off of Diets?

By: Christopher Fox

It ranks up there with the best mysteries in the local bookstore Why do people tend to quit their diet or New Year’s resolution after only a short amount of time? It seems that no matter how hard we try or how committed we claim to be in the beginning a diet is always short lived. A few different reasons might shed some light on this subject.

One reason people do not stick it out for very long is just starting the diet for the wrong reason (or a weak reason) in the first place. Studies show that a person s commitment will last longer than most if they have a quality motive in the first place. Think about it for a minute. If your doctor told you that you would drop dead on the spot if you ate one more blue m& m do you think you would ever touch another one? Of course you would not touch that candy. It would be cold turkey on the little blue suckers right then and there. Dropping dead on the spot is a huge motivator. Or what about the old gun to the head analogy? If someone held a gun to your head and said they would pull the trigger if you touched one more cheeseburger then I am pretty confident no more cheeseburgers would cross your lips. So having a good reason to diet is one of the keys to sticking it out. Just saying you would like to fit into your skinny jeans may not do it. Focusing on something more serious such as being healthy in order to grow old and be there for loved ones might do the trick for you. Something along those lines will get you farther than just wanting to look like a model on television.

Of course another issue is belief. Going back to the analogy of a doctor telling you to not eat the candy or you would drop dead would only work if you actually believed the doctor. So if your friend tells you that eating a snicker bar will cause a rock to fall out of the sky and squash you might not keep you away from the candy. There has to be some belief. It seems like a lot of times on a diet people just do not have the faith or belief that what they are doing will actually work. Eating healthy and working out can start off easy to do but if you do not see overnight results you might lose faith. This can be a diet killer. Having the mental fortitude to stick it out when the going gets tough will get you through those sticking points.

Another challenge to sticking to a diet can be just the sheer complexity of losing weight. All too often people will get caught up in trying to figure out the perfect diet. Trying to incorporate all the different aspects of a perfect fat burning workout program, the exact amount of calories, and the latest science based supplementation until they just get sabotaged before they even start. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go for long term results.

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