Winning Tactics For Traveling With Diabetes

by Bill Urell

Having diabetes does not mean that the world is ending. If you are having the urge to travel, then go ahead, do not let it keep you.

But then, you need to take care of your supplies first before going. Being careful is the best way to avoid accidents and emergency situations.

First thing to do it to prepare a check list of supplies you need to bring. This may include:

* Vials of insulin or
* Insulin loaded syringes
* Oral medication
* Numerous syringes and/or pen needles
* Lancet or other finger pricking devices
* Glucose metes
* Batteries for meter
* Meter solutions
* Glucose strips
* Insulin pump
* Supplies for your insulin pump like fresh batteries, plastic tubes, needles and cathethers
* Glucagon kit for emergencies
* Urine test strips
* Alcohol swabs
* A disposal container for your sharp instruments
* ID and diabetes identity cards
* Medical insurance cards
* Emergency glucose (glucose tablets)

Place all of these in one bag for ease of use and for facilitation of screening at the airport. Pack twice as much as you need so you will not be short. You might also want to bring all your prescription so that in the case that your bag was lost, all items can be replaced promptly.

Next, you need to determine how to store your insulin. Insulin is stable at room temperature but it can lose its therapeutic effect if it is stored in a very hot or very cold place. The next time you go to your supplies store, try looking for travel packs for your insulin.

Then, you need to make sure that all your supplies are properly labeled. There is no limit to the number of syringes or lancets you can bring but they need to be properly stored and labeled. Used syringes and lancets should be in a sharps container and the container also labeled.

Ensure that your strips are placed in a waterproof container. If you have the foil wrapped strips, double wrap them in zip lock bags just to be careful.

Make sure that batteries for your meters are of the right kind and are brand new. Many people overlook this and end up bringing the wrong kind or used up batteries.

Also, take a sturdy plastic or paper back for your trash. This will hold your used alcohol swabs, strips and strip-wrappers.

When you get to the airport, alert security that you have diabetes and are carrying supplies. Show them your identification if needs be. If you are wearing an insulin pump, you need to tell the inspectors that the pump cannot be removed because it is connected to a catheter under your skin.

Unpack and repack your supplies yourself if security demands it. This will ensure that there is no contamination or loss of article.

You should not worry about the effect of the x-ray on your pump or meters. Most of them are designed to pass through the scanners safely. If you still have doubts, ask security for a visual inspection instead.

However, keep in mind that if you request for a visual inspection, there might be items that cannot be screened just visually. This may need x-ray scanning. If you refuse, you will not be allowed to have them onboard.

Traveling is a fun and joyful experience. You need not be hampered by disease to enjoy it fully. Just remember to take the proper precaution, be conscious of your body and pack your supplies properly.

Oh and have a great time!

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