Calorie Burning

Calorie burning is what creates loss of weight. Did you realize that there are many activities that burn calories that you can piece in every day? In this article, I am going to list some things that you can do in order to be on your way to calorie burning success.

The whole idea is to find ways to do activity in your daily life where you are actually burning off pounds.

One of the things you can do is park further away. When you are going to the store, the mall, post office, or any other place, make yourself walk by parking further out. If you are a bus rider, get off a few stops from your actual destination, and walk the remainder of the way.

Activity that you do at home and outdoors also counts. Look at the table below for approximate calorie burning activity that I'll bet you never even think of as burning calories:

Sleeping actually burns up to 10 calories every ten minutes.

Sitting and watching television burns up to 10 calories each ten minutes.

Dressing or bathing can take off up to 26 calories per 10 minutes duration.

Standing will likely burn 12 calories for up to 10 minutes of standing time.

Activities that are locomotion types:

Going upstairs burns 146 calories for 10 minutes duration time.

Going downstairs will burn off up to 56 calories for ten minutes duration.

Walking at 2 mph burns 29 calories approximately, and walking at least 4 mph will burn 52 calories per 10 minutes duration.

Running at 5 mph will burn off at least 90 calories at 10 minutes duration, while running at 12 mph will take off 164 calories for 10 minutes.

Cycling at 5.5 mph will burn 42 calories at 10 minutes time, or cycling at 13 mph will take off 89 calories at 10 minutes time.


Housework burns more calories than you think. The following chores burn calories:

Making your bed burns at least 32 calories if done steadily for 10 minutes.

Washing floors for at least 10 minutes burns 38 calories.

Window washing done for at least 10 minutes burns 35 calories.

Dusting for 10 minutes burns up to 22 calories each.

Cooking meals and working in the kitchen burns 32 calories for each 10 minute steady duration time.

Weeding for each 10 minutes burns about 50 calories.

Mowing grass for 10 minutes each burns 34 calories.

Activity which is recreational

Recreational activities can burn quite a few calories while doing them. The following activity burns an approxiamate number of calories:

Badminton burns about 43 calories in 10 minutes.

Baseball burns up to 39 calories in 10 minutes duration.

Basketball burns up to 58 calories per 10 minutes each.

Bowling nonstop for at least 10 minutes takes off up to 56 calories.

Canoeing at 4 mph takes off up to 90 calories per 10 minutes each.

Dancing moderately burns up to 35 calories in a 10 minute duration time.

Dancing vigorously takes off 48 calories in 10 minutes time each.

Football has a calorie burning rate of 69 calories for 10 minutes each duration.

Table Tennis burns about 32 calories each in 10 minutes duration.

Volleyball burns 43 calories in a 10 minute duration time.

Tennis will promote calorie burning of at least 56 calories in every 10 minutes of activity.

So activity that is continuous is what will promote calorie burning is important. This means activity without a break in between. Put it all together and you will find that your weight will change on the favorable side from doing a couple of these activities in a day.