Reasons to Exercise

Reasons to exercise number at least a dozen. I am going to list those dozen reasons here and explain what activity does for the whole body in general. 1. Sleep Doing exercise improves sleeping time since it has a strong tendency to relax your muscles.

2. Gallstone avoidance Research shows that more active women are the least likely to develop gallstones than women who are more sedentary.

3. Anxiety and Depression are relieved by aerobic actvity since a walk helps to release feelings of tension and releasing chemicals which help the person feel more energetic.

4. Heart Disease Exercise boosts the supply of oxygen to the heart muscles by helping the heart muscle to expand and create tiny blood vessels. Exercise has also been known to prevent blood clots from occuring.

5. Colon Cancer Prevention is lowered with exercising. This is because the level of prostaglandins are lowered. Prostaglandins are what accelerates intestinal motility. When motility is accelerated, the movement of cancer cells speed through the colon. This is one of the best reasons to exercise.

6. Diverticular Disease Prevention risk is lowered with more activity. Why? Because walking helps to keep the pockets from the wall of the colon from becoming inflamed.

7. Arthritis pain is reduced by walking and also joint swelling goes down even with just strolling. For people that have a lot of arthritic pain, this is one of the best reasons to exercise.

8. Blood Pressure can be lowered naturally through good exercise. If you walk daily, this can definitely keep it in the normal range.

9. Diabetes Blood glucose is reduced through walking. Blood sugar levels can be reduced by as much as 30 percent or better.

10. Falls and fractures can be prevented by exercise. How? Balance training and strength training helps to prevent falls since it improves muscular strength.

11. Enlarged prostate is prevented in men who walked at least three times a week or better. There is a 25 percent lower risk of the development of prostatic hyperplasia.

12. Osteoperosis can be prevented to a large degree by doing strength training exercises. Strength training increases the bone density, and also those who take estrogen after menopause are the least likely to have bone breakage and fractures.

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Getting into shape can and should be exciting, fitness for fun can take you there.